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“Carl in year 10 was struggling with maths, in fact he had almost given up on the subject and we continuously fought with him to get him to complete his homework.  With maths being taught completely differently to when we were at school we opted to get a private tutor and came across Dawn Marchant.  We cannot even describe the transformation in Carl.  The one-to-one support, teaching and guidance he has received from Dawn has meant that he is now confident in the subject and from being predicted a grade E in year 10, to achieving a C in his Maths statistics exam in year 10 after only a few months sessions with Dawn was a significant achievement which boosted his confidence no end.  Now came the main GCSE’s, Carl saw Dawn once a week  until the final maths exam and Dawn was very flexible with the days and times to suit Carls other after-school commitments.  Carl has just completed his final Maths GCSE exam and to receive a text message saying it was “easy”, truly reflects the great work that Dawn has carried out with Carl.  We would definitely recommend Dawn.”

Venetia Summers (Mum), Chippenham, Hardenhuish School (June 2016)
“Our daughter was struggling with maths and had been moved down to set 4 for her GCSE course.We decided to find a maths tutor and found Dawn. Dawn has made a huge difference, our daughter went from hating maths to loving it. She climbed two sets, to become the most improved student and is now going to take maths for A’ level. The change in her was huge and the success she found in maths gave her the confidence to improve across all her subjects.We can’t thank Dawn enough!”
PW, Chippenham (June 2016)
Question #1:  What was your biggest concern before choosing me as your tutor?  Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

Biggest concern was Solly not moving into further education due to his not getting Maths… It hopefully will come true!

Question #2:  What, specifically, was the most helpful aspect of working with me and why?

Most helpful was your flexibility, proximity and your positive attitude to teenagers and maths – not natural bedfellows sometimes! 

Question #3:  If you were to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say?

I would say that you’re encouraging, empathetic and instil a good attitude to learning what can be a challenging subject.”

Pete Wilder (Dad), Corsham, Grade C (June 2016)
Question #1:  What was your biggest concern before choosing me as your tutor?  Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

It was not knowing. Being new to the area so not knowing anyone else in a similar position who could recommend. Often it is word of mouth we rely on & our concern was that either you & Amy would not 'gel' or that Amy would continue to struggle to understand & would 'switch off' & not learn.
This did not happen. Amy benefitted from the 1:1 tutoring & you were able to explain in a way that helped her to understand. With the regular sessions plus being 1:1 meant Amy was not distracted & felt more confident with the homework you set.

Question #2:  What, specifically, was the most helpful aspect of working with me and why?

The regularity of sessions & the 1:1 tutoring really helped Amy. At school she was easily 'lost' in a class of between 20 & 30 pupils & when she didn't understand she got easily distracted which was also difficult for the teachers to pick up, whereas you had her complete attention for the duration of the session & your time with her also had the benefit of her getting less distracted in class as she now understood what was being asked of her.

We would recommend you to anyone we know who needs a tutor for their child. Your methods of teaching have been successful. Your style of thoroughly working through each topic & setting appropriate homework checking & revising again to ensure the learning has happened & has been remembered. Your professional manner together with your calm delivery have been extremely helpful. You have a way of understanding the needs of the individual & tailor their learning accordingly.

Miss A Warner, Mrs J Warner & Mr N Warner, Abeyfield School, Chippenham, Grade achieved C (June 2016)
We were worried that Alice would not achieve a grade C maths as previous results had indicated that she was struggling in this subject. 

Alice just clicked with Dawn and although she found aspects of the learning difficult, she felt she came away after every session having achieved something. 

I would recommend Dawn to anyone who has a child struggling with their maths. She is very good with young people and has a way of making them feel more confident in their abilities. 
Alice would not have been able to go to her first choice sixth form without a grade C maths as there was not the option to retake at a later stage. Without Dawn's tuition, we would be having to look at other options. Although expensive, it was money well spent because this will now be the gateway to hopefully a successful and promising future for our daughter. 

Thank you Dawn. 

Carmen Middleditch - parent. (June 2016)
I have recently received my GCSE grades and I achieved an A in Mathematics.  This is in no small part thanks to the support and guidance provided by Dawn.  I had been predicted to gain a B grade by my teacher at school, but I thought I had it in me to achieve an A.  Dawn helped me reach my goal by improving my confidence in the areas of the syllabus I was struggling with.  She took me back to first principles by breaking the subject down and then working back up to bring everything together.  I saw Dawn over a period of 3-4 months and found the discipline of weekly sessions with regular homework particularly beneficial.  I would gladly recommend Dawn to others and I am happy to be contacted through Dawn if a reference is required.

RW, Chippenham (August 2015)
I was working towards a passing grade in my maths GCSE but was struggling quite a bit and didn't really know where to get help from in school. It was important to get a C+ in maths otherwise I wouldn't get into the college of my choice and do the courses I needed to do.
It was suggested that I received tutoring in the weeks coming up to the exam to give me that extra push. I did an hour of tutoring a week with Dawn where we covered what I was struggling on as well as basic maths skills that needed practicing. I feel Dawn went at a great pace and I was able to take in what she was saying which is what I struggled with in class. It was up to me what subjects we covered which was a great help as I was able to feel confident in those subjects when going into the exam. I felt a lot better about completing my exam with Dawns help and felt confident that I would get a passing grade - which I did.

I would recommend the service to anyone who is struggling in Maths and to take it all in because of the help it gave me in understanding what was in the paper in a non-school environment.

Dara, Chippenham, 2015
My son took his mock GCSE maths exam and got a grade C. His hope was to stay on at Malmesbury School and take A level maths for which he had to get at least a GCSE Grade B to be accepted onto the course.

I contacted Dawn who kindly managed to find some spare time to tutor him twice a week from Easter until June when he took his GCSE exam. They covered most (if not all) subjects that were likely to arise in the exam, spending more time on the subjects he found difficult. My son enjoyed his tutoring and found Dawn to be approachable and patient – she was happy to go over subjects as many times as necessary for him to really understand. As the weeks passed he became more confident that he was ready for the exam and thankfully he got the Grade B he needed to stay on and study maths at Malmesbury 6th form.

If he needs help with his A level maths we won’t hesitate to go back to Dawn, she was great.

Louise who has a son a Malmesbury School, 2015
Dawn has been a great help in the improvement of my maths grades, during the beginning of year 10 I was predicted C's in most subjects however Dawn's work ethic helped push me to not only achieve an A in maths, but high grades in all subjects. I would certainly recommend Dawn's services to anyone as she breaks things down and makes it easier to understand and develop your knowledge of Maths. Thanks once again for the A. 

Nick, The Corsham School 2015
My daughter was in her final year (11) and she was concerned her about her Maths GCSE. She needed help to build up both her maths skills and her confidence. Dawn worked patiently with my daughter going back over things as often as she needed. Niamh got a C which is brilliant news. She can't thank you enough for your help.

G Smith, Chippenham, 2015
I have been going to see Dawn on a weekly basis for the past year for support with my GCSE Maths.  Since Dawn started helping me my GCSE grades have gone from a D in the first exam to a B in the second, just 4 marks away from an A.  Her help speaks for itself.

My next exam is in June and I feel very well prepared  for it.  I feel the pressure of needing to pass my Maths GCSE exam has reduced considerably as I am now much more confident.  Even my teachers have commented upon the progress I have made recently.

I would recommend Dawn to anyone who is currently studying and finding maths difficult and who wants to improve, pass their maths GCSE exam and go on to do A levels.  Thank you Dawn for your ongoing  support, challenge and patience.

Kieran, Chippenham 2012 - 13
Dawn has helped me achieve an A in Maths GCSE.  She gave me the confidence to turn a C grade into an A by identifying anything I didn't understand and explaining until it was clear.

LP, Chippenham 2013
Dawn had an enormous task in supporting our son who took his GCSE in Nov 2013.  There were areas of the syllabus that hadn't been taught and Dan was hovering on just obtaining a C.  Dawn had 8 weeks to help Dan and along with her one to one tutoring for 1 hour per week and the commitment to complete tasks at home Dan obtained a B grade. Dawn helped our son's confidence by explaining and getting our son to relay his understanding in a fantastic one to one environment. She broke down the syllabus and concentrated on Dan's weak areas first. I have already and will continue to  recommend Dawn to anyone.

JL Chippenham 2013
My daughter was struggling with her Maths, and had exams coming up. We went to see Dawn who helped her with her maths in particular algrabra; she was able to spend time explaining the principles to her which they don't have time to do at school.  She found the lessons most helpful.

SL, Chippenham 2013
Since primary school, maths has always been a weakness of mine.   When I went to Dawn for tuition lessons, my confidence in the subject grew.I was therefore able to tackle a lot more of the harder questions in GCSE maths papers. Dawn has helped me most with the areas that I struggled on most and has helped me get through my last few maths exams of Year 11. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who needs help with individual weaknesses in the subject.

Abbie, Chippenham 2012 - 13
We are very pleased with the progress Chloe has made.  Since spending time with you, she has improved here mock grade by four levels which is superb.  Importantly, I think you have helped her gain confidence in her maths and this combined with some new techniques, application and her good work ethic have brought her over her anticipated target at school which is superb.  Chloe wants to stay on for 6th form and while a C grade is required we are nearly there with her mock exams so we hope she can attain this. 

Chris, Chippenham 2012 - 13
My Daughter was struggling with GCSE maths at school and following a set of exam results that didn't go as well as expected, I decided that my daughter would benefit from some additional tuition.  After going through several sites and taking necessary references I was pointed to Dawn.  Having discussing the issue with Dawn and attending the first session with my daughter, I can confirm that my daughter is much more confident about the subject and  has subsequently moved to a higher group and all this has been achieved in a 5 month period.

Pauline, Calne, 2012 - 13
Dawn has been of great help and support in improving not only our daughter's grade in GCSE Maths but also her confidence in the subject, which we feel is of equal importance.  

Vivienne, Calne 2011 -13
We decided in Year 9 that we would look for extra help for Emily with her maths as she wasn't making the progress we felt she was capable of, with her  school suggesting they may put her in for foundation maths at GCSE level, when she had entered the school as an above average student in Maths.  We were very concerned that she was losing confidence in her ability in this important subject as a result.  We found Dawn's calm and methodical approach really worked well for Emily.  Dawn started by making sure all the basics were in place, & from then on, Emily enjoyed the fact that the sessions with Dawn were like a partnership, where they could agree together which were the key ares to focus on.  It felt like Emily very quickly got back on track, with her maths teacher at school noticing the improvement, & she soon moved up a maths set.   I would say that Emily now has a solid grasp of maths, & is actually enjoying the subject again, which is brilliant. 

I am very grateful to Dawn for the patience she has shown, & the support she has given to Emily over the last couple of years, & I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a maths tutor.

Moira (Emily's mum), Chippenham 2011 - 13
My daughter was falling behind with her maths  Her confidence had gone  Didn’t think she could do very well with her exams  Dawn has been really very good for my daughter  Has given her time to process all the information  And moved on to the next task when my daughter was ready

I would recommend dawn for your child as she seems to understand why they might be finding it hard she makes them feel at ease,i have sat in on most of her lessons with dawn and at times they have had a laugh .it is worth giving it a go.

Anne, Colerne 2012 - 13
I used to have lots of trouble in Maths as I was never able to understand the concepts, this led to me blagging along and I was not actually learning anything in my Maths lessons at school, I put it all off and pretended I didn't need to know it. However, we found Dawn early before it was too late, she helped me build my confidence and after no time at all, I was fully confident and very able at tackling maths topics. Her easy and simple, yet effective teaching techniques have put me on track for a B, or better at GCSE. 

Phillip, The Cosham School 2011 - 13
Dawn has helped me to raise my maths predicted grade by 2 levels which will help me to gain the college course that I want to take.  Thank you.

William, Calne 2012 - 13
We looked for a Maths tutor to help ensure Rhys gained in confidence in Maths. He seemed to have a mental block and believed he could never be good enough to pass his GCSE. Maths is a critical subject and every child needs focus on.

Dawn started with the basics and spent time ensuring Rhys had a good grounding before moving on to another topic. Her style of teaching and patience builds confidence, Rhys feels comfortable to ask questions when he is not sure and gets good encouragement when he is able to complete a question. He has actually started to enjoy Maths, something he would have never believed was possible. Rhys’ first GCSE paper was a testament to Dawn’s teaching as he achieved a mark which was better than we thought possible a few months ago.

Rachel, Cherhill, 2009-11
Dawn has helped me get a head start on things so that I feel more confident in class. I will also be better prepared for my next exam.  Dawn explains things clearly and breaks it down into easy to understand steps. She explains things in different ways if you dont' understand the first time and she will keep doing this until you understand.  She builds confidence and doesn't mind how many times she has to go over things. I liked that she asked me what I wanted to learn and didn't just tell me what she was going to teach me. We can decide together what I should be concentrating on.

Hannah, Corsham, 2009-11
I would recommend Dawn as a maths tutor because she gave me the knowledge and resources I needed to achieve the grade I got (B).  She also taught me new and different techniques in maths that proved to be far easier than what I was originally taught in school.  Thank you.

Lauren, Year 11, The Corsham School, Sept 2010
Dawn has really helped me in a subject in which I did struggle.  She is extremely patient and explains key concepts until I understand them.  As a result I am well on my way to achieving an overall B at GCSE.  I am very pleased with the progress I have made.

Serena, Year 11, Chippenham, 2011
We decided to look for extra Maths tuition for Martha leading up to her GCSE exams in order to help her achieve the best results she could. Martha lacked confidence in the subject, and as such was finding her lessons at school very difficult and upsetting. 
Dawn explains theories in a very calm and measured way. We found very quickly that Martha's confidence in the subject was beginning to grow, and Maths no longer seemed to be the monster hiding under the bed. Dawn also works on confidence building leading up to exams. This has proved invaluable for Martha. 
We have found Dawn to be a proficient, thorough and caring teacher, and would recommend her to all students needing extra support, or those wishing to extend their current understanding in the subject. She has given Martha the tools to enable her to face her Maths GCSE with confidence.

Julie Butterworth, Bradford Upon Avon, 2009 -10
I would recommend Miss Marchant to anyone I knew who needed help in Maths or was taking a GCSE re-sit like myself.  I found the sessions very helpful and the atmosphere in these sessions to be laid back and friendly.  Miss Marchant set targets for each session based on areas I myself felt I needed to work through.  We worked through these areas at a pace suitable for my own learning style and this included working through sheets and old past papers.  In the sessions we also focused on confidence leading up to the exam and during it.  I will take the confidence boosting techniques that I learnt in these sessions and use them when doing other exams in the future.

Adam, Chippenham, 2009-10
My son has always struggled with maths and approached the whole subject from a very negative perspective resulting in a D grade in his GCSE. We decided it was time to try and new approach and several weeks ago he started having lessons with Dawn. There was some reticence on his part initially but it wasn't long before he actually opened up to us that he was enjoying it and felt it was making a huge difference to his whole attitude to maths. Dawn is an extremely knowledgeable tutor with a warm, consultative approach and was able to connect with Josh instantly to help him find a a way of tackling subjects that he originally found difficult. Having one-to-one sessions is benefiting him immensely and he's commented several times that working through things with Dawn has enabled him to grasp concepts more quickly than in his maths lessons at school.

Alphie, Calne, 2009-10
Dawn was able to explain Maths in a way that Chris could understand.  Dawn was very patient, explained things fully and is obviously dedicated to helping children understand and enjoy Maths.  Our only regret is that we wish Chris had started sooner.  We would highly recommend Dawn to any pupil who finds Maths a challenging subject.

Chris & Carole, Chippenham, Sept 2010
I was struggling to understand certain topics during my first year at secondary school and felt I would benefit from some extra lessons.  Dawn has been very helpful by explaining problems that I haven't understood by taking them back to the basics and working through each level until I felt more confident in solving these questions on my own.

As a parent, I am pleased to see Alex's confidence increase in a subject which is not a favourite of his.  I would highly recommend Dawn to any student who needs a little help to go a lot further with maths.

Alex and Mum, Corsham, Nov 2010
Just an email to say thank you soooo much for everything i was targeted for a U grade before i began lessons with you, if it wasn't for your great teaching I wouldn't have the chance to get a C which i do now.  You are an amazing teacher and i've learnt soo much.

Sophie, Swindon, 2008 - 9
Dawn has an engaging approach and got my daughter's attention immediately.  She makes mathematics interesting and is firm with pupils keeping their interest at all times.

Helen, Chippenham, 2008 - 9
Charley had a B for Maths which was brilliant as she only achieved a D in her mock.  I am thrilled with her result and would be really grateful if you could pass our thanks on to Dawn who gave Charley the confidence and methodology to get this result.

Charley's Mum, Swindon, 2008 - 9