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A Level Testimonials

"I have always found Dawn knowledgeable, patient and willing to explain any concept utilising a number of different strategies. Dawn’s flexible approach ensured I gained an A* in both Maths and Further Maths at A Level. I’m now going on to the University of Warwick to study a Maths based course. I would definitely recommend Dawn to anyone studying GCSE or A Level."


BC, August 2023

"Dawn had a good understanding of the A-level syllabus which my daughter was learning and worked hard to find ways to explain challenging concepts. She was kind and thoughtful and invited feedback. My daughter found her lessons very helpful."

E.M (2023)

"I worked with Dawn ahead of my maths A-level. I wanted help to practice past papers and become better at interpreting exam questions. Dawn was really helpful with providing practice questions that targeted my weaker knowledge and guided me through her way of approaching the questions.


These tutor sessions really helped build my confidence and cement my knowledge so that I was able to approach the exams calmly and tackle the questions to the best of my ability!"

Ewen (2022)

“I used Dawn’s tutoring services for A Level Maths through my last year of A Levels and then again when I chose to resit.
We went through the entire syllabus (including statistics and mechanics) methodically, ensuring more time was spent on less confident areas. Dawn frequently set up starter activities in the sessions to build on my long term memory and consolidate key facts or methods which was very helpful.
I found Dawn’s extensive knowledge of the course reassuring and always felt I could approach her, even outside of lessons, with any questions I had.
With 1 hour weekly sessions I was able to achieve a grade A (previously awarded grade D in 2020) in my A Level."

Helena Hunter (2021)

I discovered Dawn as a maths tutor during my resit year after year 13. I felt hopeless, frustrated and annoyed, I knew that I could do well in maths and had a high target grade as well. But in the end when results day came around I got a grade that was 4 grades lower than my predicted grade and also did not meet my requirements for my medicine offer.

I was determined to reach above and beyond my target grade and overall have a really good understanding in maths at the end of my resit year. We started off with the basics, at first I felt confident and within in my comfort zone but then I soon became to realise that there were so many things that I had done wrong the previous year. When we included spaced repetition into our revision and went over things regularly I understood that these were methods that I could incorporate into my other subjects and should have done the previous year. One of the main things that helped me the most about Dawns’ teaching method is that she asked me at the end of every lesson which topics I found easy, which ones I would need another lesson on and so I was able to take control over the pace and the order in which I wanted to cover the topics.

There were a lot of topics such as trigonometry and parametrics that I think Dawn explained to me like 10 times, she was always very patient and she always double checked with me to see if I really understood it or not. I felt comfortable to say that I still didn’t understand or that I really needed some more practice. When there is a topic that I don’t understand very well, she would try to explain it from all different angles, and that definitely played a big role in my understanding in several topics.

During face to face teaching and over zoom maths lessons I was able to still get the high quality of tutoring no matter the circumstances. There were quite a few times I had to rearrange lessons and Dawn always tried to be as accommodating as possible which meant that I was able to get the most out of every lesson.

As it got closer to October exams I started to become more confident at asking questions and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I felt so much more prepared as well. The confidence I have and the new methods that I have incorporated over this year to my studying methods are down to the support that I have received from Dawn.

I am so grateful and will always be grateful for all the help I have received from Dawn, I have and will continue to recommend Dawn to all my friends and family who are looking for maths tutoring.

Neha (2020)

“At the beginning of Year 2 Maths A level I struggled to understand and apply what I had been taught to questions, becoming increasingly frustrated. My Mum found Dawn who has been fantastic, making me feel much calmer and tackling the topics I could not understand. She was so organised and I found her ‘Teach me’ approach really helped. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has robbed me of the chance to put the maths skills Dawn has given me to the test. However, I feel that if I had sat an exam then my result would have been testimony to Dawn whose help and support was invaluable."

Maisie (2020)

"Dawn's style of tutoring worked well for me and my daughter, I felt it was tailored to my daughter's needs. Dawn gave regular feedback and was very flexible on a couple of occasions when things didn't go to plan. "

AH (2020)

“After struggling with Maths after the first year of A Level I decided to get a Maths tutor. Dawn has helped me immensely and built my confidence. Dawn covered and explained all of the pure maths content to me, in addition with learning it at school which allowed me to attempt the harder questions. She also set questions for me to do and I was always able to bring them back to her on the next lesson if I didn’t understand. Dawn really built my confidence and helped me achieve the grade I wanted at A Level!”

Imogen (2019)

“We approached Dawn to see if she could help my daughter secure an A grade in her maths A level which was required for her preferred university place. I am pleased to say, she succeeded!

Dawn was able to go over individual topics which my daughter wasn't confident on, to boost her confidence, and in some cases teach topics from scratch in a short space of time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dawn to others, she was an enormous help in boosting my daughters confidence and helping to achieve my daughters ultimate success in her Maths A level.”

Alyson (2019)

“Dawn has tutored our daughter in Maths over the past 4 years taking her from GCSE through to A-levels. Our daughter was struggling with Maths in year 9, and when we started to become increasing concerned, we turned to Dawn for help. Dawn started by firming up the basics with our daughter to increase her confidence considerably which we also found helped with her other subjects too. The significant difference Dawn has made to our daughter helped her achieve high grades at GCSE and A-level”.

Thanks, Rob and Sharon (2018)

"Question #1: Why did you seek out a maths tutor and what did you hope would be the outcome? Because I was disappointed with my Maths AS results and wanted to improve my overall grade at A level.

Question #2: What have we done together, specifically, that has been most helpful in helping you reach that outcome? The use of flash cards and practice questions. It also helped with revision for AS re-sits

Question #3: If you were to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say? She’s good at identifying people’s weaknesses and helps them improve.

Ben/Jacqui, (2017)

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