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GCSE Adults Testimonials

I came to dawn after being out of school for 3 years having failed my maths gcse at school I was never that confident with maths as a subject. Dawn helped improve my confidence in a short space of time and made me believe I could do maths and achieve my gcse. She is a very motivating tutor and has helped me learn better than I ever did in all my years at school in just a few months I progressed massively. Dawn makes learning maths an easier and less stressful experience and for someone who has always really struggled with the subject she was brilliant at helping me.

Dawn also takes the time to not only teach maths skills you need for the exams but also techniques on how understand exam style questions and not get overwhelmed by exams.

AJ Rowlatt, Chippenham, 2020

I came to Dawn because I was looking to start working towards getting a C at GCSE in Maths. I' wanted to go on to do my teacher training and at that point felt that my maths skills are embarrassing at best. These maths lessons have not only given me confidence in the subject but also life in general. I passed! I finally passed my GCSE maths! So happy! All thanks to the lovely Dawn Marchant!

Olivia Smith, Corsham, 2015

I contacted Dawn as I am a mature student and was studying Access to HE. I needed to pass my maths GCSE test in June this year. I had failed twice already. I also had Uni interviews coming up very soon with maths tests. Dawn took the time to explain things clearly to me until I grasped them and encouraged me to keep going. I passed!! Thank you - you are an amazing lady and teacher.

Sue Stanger, Chippenham, 2015

Dawn has considerably enhanced my ability to do a variety of maths, enabling me to have a lot more confidence in my own ability, something that was missing before attending Dawns excellent maths tutorials, where she sets work that is challenging yet not impossible, using her vast mathematical experience to quickly equip her students with new skills needed for achieving in my case a maths GCSE. Her lessons have helped me to look at maths in a different way helping me to learn methods which can answer almost any maths question that a maths paper may pose.

I would highly recommend Dawn as she always works at a pace to suit you and is very approachable if you have questions on what is being taught. Finally, if you have had a bad experience of Maths at school, Dawns excellent teaching style will help you to look at maths in a different light. good luck with whatever you are trying to achieve and give Dawn a go!"

George Godwin, Calne, 2009-10

I am a mature student who needed to gain a maths GCSE or equivalent to be able to continue with my own personal development and further progression in my career. At school I was unable to achieve this qualification due to a dislike of the subject and lack of inspirational teaching. I contacted Dawn eight months ago considering that a one-to-one approach would probably suit me best.

I found Dawn to be understanding and patient. She would spend time with me discussing subject areas that I found difficult to understand. As I am a visual learner Dawn would find complimentary ways of presenting the subject to ensure that I could relate the concepts to situations in life. Throughout the sessions Dawn would build up my confidence and understanding of mathematical terminology and the rules that needed to be applied.

Whilst maths is not a subject I enjoy I can confidently say that Dawn's teaching style enabled me to achieve my goal of gaining the maths award I needed and therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending her tuition. I consider that her approach would equally be appropriate to children or adults.

Kay Reid, Chippenham, 2010 – 11

1. What changes/achievements have I helped you make? First of all Dawn has given me the confidence to believe I can understand Maths and attempt to pass Maths GCSE, which I did not believe I could do. Each week an area in Maths is covered, so there is time to fully focus on areas that I have been struggling with. There is also the chance to revisit previous areas covered if I have struggled with a particualr topic.

2. What three words best describe my teaching style?Understanding, Patience, Confidence which makes you believe you can achieve.

What have you found most helpful? If I have struggled with a particular topic Dawn will take as long as it takes to help you to understand better, she is very patient and confident which makes you feel confident.

I would recommend Dawn as a maths tutor because she is very enthusiastic, gives you confidence and is so helpful with any Maths problems you may have.

Emily Godwin, Calne, 2009-10

Dawn has been a fantastic teacher for me. Dawn has a very kind, considerate and friendly approach as an adult learner and is very supportive - if you don't always know the right answers! I was an adult student who was topping up and filling gaps with my maths that I took in 2000. I took my exam and passed with a very good mark thanks to Dawn's input. I would definitely recommend her!

Tyrone, 2011

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