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Online Lessons

I use Zoom to tutor online lessons. 


Don’t worry if you haven’t used Zoom before.  I can help you quickly get used to the key features we need.


Zoom doesn’t require you to register/sign up.


Zoom will encourage you to download an app to make it a bit easier but there is an option to use Zoom via your browser.


It is best used on a laptop so that you have a bigger screen but there is a mobile app.


If you have a touchscreen laptop which you can write/draw on, it is helpful because you will be able to write directly on the whiteboard to share your ideas.  However, if you don’t there are still ways and means to ensure a successful lesson.


If you want to you can record the lesson and then it will download to your computer afterwards.  I don’t record the lessons so there are no privacy issues.


It is also possible to save the work on a whiteboard as a document to look at later.

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