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How to videos on Pure topics

Algebraic Division

Algebraic Division: Factor Theorem

Algebraic Division: Remainder Theorem

Algebraic Fractions - Simplifying

Algebraic Fractions - Multiplying and Dividing

Algebraic Fractions - Adding/Subtracting and Solving Equations

Arithmetic Sequences & Series

Binomial Expansions

Completing the Square

Difference of 2 Squares


Differentiation: Chain Rule

Differentiation: Implicit

Differentiation: Min/Max

Differentiation: Product Rule

Differentiation: Quotient Rule


Equation of a line graphically

Equation of a line thru 2 points

Equation of a Circle


Equation of a tangent/normal

Functions 1 - Composite and Inverse

Functions 2 - Modulus and Solving Equations

Geometric Series

Geometric Series: Proof of sum of first n terms

Geometric Series: Sum to infinity

Graph Transformations

Indices Rules

Indices: Negative and Fractional


Inequalities Quadratic


Integration: Area under curve to x axis1

Integration: Area under curve to x axis2

Integration: Area between curve and y axis

Integration: Definite Integral

Integration: Trapezium Rule

Integration: Fractions that lead to ln|f(x)|

Integration by reversing chain rule

Integration by parts

Integration by substitution

Integration: Differential Equations

Integration: Partial Fractions


Iteration: Newton Raphson

Logs & Exponentials: Exponentials

Logs & Exponentials: Logs

Logs & Exponentials: Rules of Logs

Logs & Exponentials: Change of Base

Logs & Exponentials: Simplifying and Expanding

Logs & Exponentials: Equations1

Logs & Exponentials: Equations2

Logs & Exponentials: Equations3

Logs & Exponentials: Equations4

Logs & Exponentials: Simultaneous Equations1

Logs & Exponentials: Simultaneous Equations2

Logs & Exponentials: Simultaneous Equations3

Logs & Exponentials: Solving Inequalities

Logs & Exponentials: e to the x

Logs & Exponentials: Graphs of e to the x and lnx

Logs & Exponentials: Graphs e to the x 1

Logs & Exponentials: Graphs e to the x 2

Logs & Exponentials: Graphs e to the x 3

Logs & Exponentials: Natural Log In

Logs & Exponentials: Equations with e to the x and lnx

Logs & Exponentials: Modelling

Parametric Equations

Parametrics Differentiation/Integration

Partial Fractions

Quadratic Equations Factorising

Quadratic Equations Formula

Rate of Change

Simultaneous Equations

Simultaneous Equations More Complex

Sketching Curves

Solving Quadratic Equations Graphically

Stationary Points: How to find them

Stationary Points: Interpreting dy/dx

Stationary Points: Interpreting d2y/dx2

Stationary Points: Increasing/Decreasing Function

Surds: Simplifying

Surds: Multiplying out brackets

Surds: Rationalising

Trig: Addition Formulas

Trig: Arc Length

Trig: ArcSine, ArcCosine, ArcTangent

Trig: Cosec, Sec, Cot, Graphs & Identities

Trig Differentiation

Trig: Double Angle Formulas

Trig: Proofs of Double Angle Formulas

Trig: Factor Formulas

Trig: Proofs of Factor Formulas

Trig graphs

Trig Identities: Proving

Trig Identities: Solving1

Trig Identities: Solving2

Trig: R Formulas

Trig: Sector Area

Trig : Small Angle Approximations1

Trig : Small Angle Approximations2

Vectors: Basics

Vectors: Direction

Vectors: Magnitude 2D

Vectors: Magnitude 3D

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