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GCSE Testimonial


Dawn helped my daughter to achieve her goal of getting a 7 in her GCSE Maths exam. I would not hesitate to recommend Dawn. Thank you again for all your help.

Matt (2023)


Dawn really helped with my confidence in my ability by teaching me in ways that suited me more than in school. She helped with seeing the maths problems in a visual way which made it much better for me. She explained how to break down complex questions into smaller ones I knew I could do to get the outcome I wanted. She was patient and understanding when I just wasn’t getting it or having a bad day, she’s very funny and made extra maths lessons feel less like a chore. Dawn retaught me maths skills that I didn’t grasp in class, she also taught me new fundamental skills that I needed in my GCSEs.  After my tuition lessons with Dawn I saw my grades get better and steadier and I was able to pass my maths GCSE!

Kitty (2023)

A Level Testimonials

"I have always found Dawn knowledgeable, patient and willing to explain any concept utilising a number of different strategies. Dawn’s flexible approach ensured I gained an A* in both Maths and Further Maths at A Level. I’m now going on to the University of Warwick to study a Maths based course. I would definitely recommend Dawn to anyone studying GCSE or A Level."


BC, August 2023

"Dawn had a good understanding of the A-level syllabus which my daughter was learning and worked hard to find ways to explain challenging concepts. She was kind and thoughtful and invited feedback. My daughter found her lessons very helpful."

E.M. 2023


"I worked with Dawn ahead of my maths A-level. I wanted help to practice past papers and become better at interpreting exam questions. Dawn was really helpful with providing practice questions that targeted my weaker knowledge and guided me through her way of approaching the questions.


These tutor sessions really helped build my confidence and cement my knowledge so that I was able to approach the exams calmly and tackle the questions to the best of my ability!"

Ewen (2022)


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