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GCSE Testimonial


We found Dawn right at the start of Coronavirus (back in March 2020) when my daughter was in Year 10 GCSE. She is a very capable student but lacked confidence and struggled with the whole ‘Maths’ subject. Through weekly on-line lessons she rapidly improved and began to believe in herself. Through the lockdowns and school closures Dawn instilled a self-belief that she could succeed. As a result she was awarded a Grade 5 and is really happy. Dawn’s teaching during this time has been critical and my daughter does not believe she would have passed her GCSE without Dawn’s assistance. We are so pleased, that our youngest daughter (now starting Year 10 GCSE) is also being tutored by Dawn.

Dave (Aug 2021)

A Level Testimonial


“I used Dawn’s tutoring services for A Level Maths through my last year of A Levels and then again when I chose to resit. We went through the entire syllabus (including statistics and mechanics) methodically, ensuring more time was spent on less confident areas. Dawn frequently set up starter activities in the sessions to build on my long term memory and consolidate key facts or methods which was very helpful. I found Dawn’s extensive knowledge of the course reassuring and always felt I could approach her, even outside of lessons, with any questions I had. With 1 hour weekly sessions I was able to achieve a grade A (previously awarded grade D in 2020) in my A Level."


Helena Hunter (2021)

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